Accreditations of Window and Conservatory Companies and Their Importance

Accreditations of Window and Conservatory Companies and Their Importance

Before embarking on any home improvement project, you should understand that thorough research is a vital aspect of this process. You should look at a number of key issues before purchasing a new conservatory or window to avoid instances of disappointment during and after the projects. One of the most important things to look at keenly is the accreditations under the belt of the companies at play. Accreditations, such as CERTASS, and Plastics Window Federation, are just some of the accrediations which Select Home Windows has accrued.



Like FENSA, Certass provides a means for installers to make installations in accordance with the provided Building Regulations. Certass also comes with an insurance backed guarantee and a deposit cover protection. The certification is provided to both installers as well as products. For products from companies with the certification, Certass provides a Window Energy Rating that is easy to understand and puts all the expectations out there.

Plastics Window Federation (PWFED)

The Plastics Window Federation certification comes with Deposit Indemnity Scheme, which protects against deposit loss backed by an insurance policy. It also ensures that all the required Building Regulations are abided by through Competent Persons Schemes such as Certass and FENSA. Plastics Window Federation members can automatically access finances which provide home improvement loans to their customers through PWF Advantage. PWF provides a customer complaint procedure to ensure customers get the best out of the federation members.

Having certificates for your property with the necessary accreditations is important, especially if you plan to sell your property in future. If you have made replacements on doors and windows, it will boost the value of your property if you provide valid installation certificates. However, only the full frame and doors or window replacements can be certified. It is also important to note that as much as the certifications will offer compliance, the finish and quality will depend on the contractor.

FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme)

Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme is one of the most common authorities tasked with issuing certificates showing that windows and double glazing are compliant with Building Regulations and thermal performance standards. With FENSA, you need not register your new installation with the local authority as it is done for you. It also comes with a supported insurance guarantee on any replacements. This certification also works across different local authorities within Wales and England if you have other properties there.